Simple, Every Day Marriage Boosters

Marital intimacy is built upon simple everyday activities. Here are a few of those simple every day activities you can use to strengthen your marriage.

  • Hold hands every day. Hold hands while you take a walk. Hold hands while you watch TV. Hold hands while you sit together. Hold hands every chance you get.
  • Give one another a 10 second hug when you get home at the end of the day… or when you leave at the start of the day… or both!
  • Kiss one another every day. Give a kiss good-bye, a kiss hello, a kiss just to kiss. Give a simple peck on the cheek or give a 10-second kiss…or just sit down and kiss as long as you want.
  • Say kind words to one another. “Good morning.” “Good night.” “I love you.” “Have a good day.” Offer a compliment. Say “Thank you.”  Don’t forget to say “You’re welcome,” too.
  • Do a project together. For instance, make dinner together. Do yardwork together. You might even do a little home remodeling.
  • Do kind things for one another. Hold the door open and let your spouse go first. Do an extra chore around the house. Make the bed. Give your spouse a simple gift. Let your spouse have the last piece of pie.
  • Text your spouse to see how he or she is doing. Or, text them to ask about some special appointment in their life. Text them to say how much you love them. You get the idea. Text them to spread a little love.
  • Tell your spouse one thing you appreciate about them every day.
  • Bring home a small gift for your spouse. It doesn’t need to be a big gift. If your spouse likes a certain candy bar, bring one home. If they like a particular kind of gum, bring home a pack. Buy a card and write a note of appreciation in it before giving it your spouse. Of course, there are always flowers too.
  • Resolve disagreements and arguments as they occur and as quickly as possible.

You can carry out these simple activities on a daily basis and each one will strengthen your marriage and increase intimacy with your spouse.

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