For His Eyes Only

Husbands have received God’s call to love their wives in the same way Christ loves His Bride, the Church. When a husband displays this kind of love in his marriage, he goes HisEyesCover (2)against the grain of our humanity. He engages in behavior many would consider revolutionary in today’s society. More significantly, when a husband loves his wife as Christ loves the Church, he brings great joy and sweet peace to his home and marriage.

For His Eyes Only
is a devotional workbook and prayer guide to help husbands live out the Christ-like, revolutionary love God intends for marriage. The short chapters in For His Eyes Only provide husbands straightforward, practical advice to help them become the husbands God has called them to become. Each chapter includes questions and action tips to help husbands put the principles of God’s design into daily practice. The chapters end with a simple prayer asking God to help us love our wives with a Christ-like love.

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Early reviewers made the following comments about For His Eyes Only:

“John Salmon’s concise workbook, For His Eyes Only, is filled with the kind of straightforward tips that every  man needs to succeed in his marriage. What man doesn’t like a clear plan laid out in short chapters with helpful application exercises in each one? But don’t be fooled by the book’s simple format. John’s practical suggestions come from a deep spiritual place and will drive the attentive reader to his knees in prayer, recognizing his need for power beyond himself. Coming out of John’s years in the counseling office with hundreds of men who are failing or feel like they’re failing in this most important relationship, John shows us how to clean our side of the street and remember how to receive our wives as the amazing gifts that they are to us and to our families. Practical, not preachy. Told by a guy like us who’s on the same journey, has made the same mistakes, and who is shining a light on a path forward that we all need so much.”   –David R. Brewton, Presbyterian Elder, Married father of four and recent grandfather

“John Salmon has done it again! His devotional workbook, For His Eyes Only, is a wonderful devotional tool for any husband and father. John’s style explains the scriptures, assisting men to meditate on God’s word while also giving them practical tips on how “to do” the scriptures in daily life. Like John, this guide is graciously powerful. I love this guide and recommend it to all the families at our fellowship.”   –Tim Green, Pastor CCSP, Married father of four

“Every man struggles to become a strong support system for his wife; and too
many of us attempt to do that alone. By alone I mean without the power
and guidance of prayer. John Salmon’s prayer guide, For His Eyes Only, offers the structure and encouragement men need to start or strengthen their work at home. Husbands need to pray and this book is a great guide.” –Greg Voss, CSF Campus Missionary, Married father of three

For His Eyes Only may provide just what you are looking for to take your marriage to the next level.  Read a sample chapter @ Prayer Changes Things.

For His Eyes Only is available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes-N-Noble