Family Lent Calendar: 40 Days of Grace  This calendar will provide practical ways you can encourage and share grace with your family during the observation of Lent.

Remember When… to get a brochure that will introduce you to the first of 10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage by David & Claudia Arp. Print out this brochure and enjoy a date with your spouse reminiscing about your relationship.

30 Day Honor Challenge to get a calendar that suggests ways to honor your spouse over the next 30 days. This was initially passed out at an activity on February 9, but you can change the dates and join the challenge today.

Eat Together to Stay Together…This brochure explains how family meals boost individual growth and family intimacy. It also offers 4 tips and a great resource to help make your dinner time a family time your whole family will love.

11 Roadblocks to Communicating with Teens. If you experience the all-too-common problem of trying to get your teen to communicate, you might want to read this brochure. It describes 11 ways we put up roadblocks to communicating with our teen and one amazing way to get them to talk more!

The Not So Silent Killer of Families-Disrespect. Disrespect will destroy intimacy and rob us of joy in our families. This brochure describes 5 ways disrespect bares its ugly head in families and 5 ways to ban disrespect from the family by replacing it with…well, check out the brochure.

The Best Part of Your Day can be your argument with your spouse! What? That’s right.  The tips in this brochure (4 tips for the speaker and 5 tips for the listener) can make your argument the best part of your day…well I exaggerate…a lot. Still, these tips can make your argument more bearable and help you resolve your argument more quickly and productively…and isn’t that worth it?

Family Rules for Social Media. Social media has grown so fast that we really need some guidelines to monitor how we use it. Fortunately, God has some sage and eternal advice to give. This handout cites 20 Biblical Proverbs-straight from God-to clarify important principles for family members to keep in mind while using social media.

1 Honest Change. In the midst of family disagreements, we often make “you-statements” that blame, diminish, or hurt our spouse and kids. This handout will give you step-by-step instructions for making “I-statements” instead. Making this one honest change, a commitment “I-statements,” can decrease arguing and increase resolution. And, who doesn’t want to do that?!

Welcome to the Family Games. We all love competition. Why not use our love for competition to strengthen family values and enhance family intimacy? Play these 5 games to hone the skills necessary to strengthen your family.