...A safe haven in which family members esteem and honor one another. A place where words and actions communicate value and respect to everyone, young and old.

...A reliable sanctuary where each person receives grace--unconditional acceptance and extravagant generosity with no strings attached. A place where a person finds others available, attentive, and emotionally connected to them.

...A community of celebration, laughter, and play. A safe haven where family members can let their hair down, reveal themselves fully, and know one another intimately.

Yes, at its best, the family is a celebrating community of honor and grace.

Welcome! We hope you will join us as we strive to mold our families into celebrating communities of honor and grace.

We invite you to read our weekly blog "Building Strong Families."  Click on "Building Strong Families" above to enjoy weekly ideas and suggestions for building honor, grace, and celebration into the fabric of your family. Share practical ideas and funny stories in the comment section following each blog. Another family may find your idea or story "just what they were looking for" to strengthen their own family.

...And, if you have a question, throw it out. Together, we can discover how to build stronger families...celebrating communities of honor and grace.