Families Unite for Family Fun

When I was young, my family enjoyed “get-togethers” with another family every Friday night. The adults would play cards in one room while the “kids” played together in another room. These were great evenings. We had such fun. The evening began by ordering pizza. We would eat, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company. Then the adults would play cards and talk about…well, I don’t know what they talked about because I was upstairs enjoying time with the other kids without any parent watching over our shoulder. Our relationship with the other family grew as we enjoyed one another’s company. Interestingly, the relationships within our family also grew more secure.


As an adult, I still enjoy getting together with other families for activities. We might get together with a family to go to an amusement park…or to play games at church…or to simply go out to eat…or, well, you get the idea. I find great benefit in these “get-togethers.” I grow closer to the other adults, forming deeper friendships. Couples who have grown children share stories of raising their children, giving me hope that my wife and I can survive, even succeed in the child-rearing years. When we are stumped by some parenting task, we can get advice and encouragement. When I struggle with some aspect of my marriage, a close friend can give insight and advice. All the while, we have fun. Our children play, sometimes with us and sometimes with one another. We laugh, play games, joke around, and eat. Whether with one other family or a group of families, we have a blast. We leave feeling as though we have connected with another family and with each other. We discover that mutual support between families helps each family grow stronger, more secure, and healthier. And, in an obvious way, we leave such activities with a smile on our face and a new lightness in our heart…even if we are exhausted by all the fun.


So, have a great family fun night. Call your friends and come together for a night of laughter, games, and conversation. You will have a great time…and you will be surprised at the subtle benefits you receive!

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