Smile, It’s Revolutionary

Smiling is revolutionary. Smiling at someone when they walk in the room makes them feel welcome. When we display a genuine smile, people around us start to smile as well. Smiling can also turn things around for the one smiling, moving them from a negative, pessimistic outlook to a more positive outlook. (Feeling negative? Pessimistic? Put on a Smile) Now, a study from the University of Essex found another amazing result of even a brief smile.

In this study, participants were shown an “expressionless face” and asked whether the face was happy or sad. When the researchers activated the participants’ facial muscles to elicit a genuine smile, even a weak smile lasting only 500 milliseconds, it contributed to that person perceiving happiness in the “expressionless face.” Isn’t that amazing? Simply smiling made a neutral face appear happier. So, if you’re on safari for the elusive smile in your teen or spouse, start by smiling yourself (LOL-On Safari for the Elusive Smile).When you do, you’re more likely to find the smile in them.

Smiling will not only help you perceive greater happiness in your family and those around you, it will also initiate a little spiral of joy. After all, seeing happiness in another person elicits happiness in the viewer (in this case, you). Feeling that little bit of happiness may contribute to a slight smile on your face, which can make the whole family feel happier. (Smile for a Happier Family) It’s a win-win. You smile and see happiness sooner and so add happiness to your day eliciting a smile from you that your family sees and feels happiness grow as a result. It’s a wonderful spiral of joy that begins with a simple smile. Smiling really is revolutionary.

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