A Beauty Ritual to Enhance Romance?

Revlon commissioned a study in 2015 and partnered with Fordham University to complete it. This study recruited 710 women to follow a “daily beauty ritual” and report its impact on their love life. The “daily beauty ritual” included looking into a mirror while applying a fragrance, applying eye make-up, enjoying a chocolate, applying lipstick, taking a deep breath, and smiling. (My favorite parts are enjoying a chocolate and smiling.) After four days:

  • African American Couple Laughing On The Floor97% of the women felt a positive change in themselves
  • 77% of the women felt more outgoing and social
  • 74% of the women were more likely to flirt
  • 71% of the women reported wanting more romance
  • 65% of the women noticed an increase in compliments from their partner
  • 60% of the women said their partner was more affectionate toward them
  • 58% of the women said their partner was more romantic
  • 56% of the women felt that others, including their partner, flirted with them more

Overall, this study seems to suggest that a daily beauty ritual charges their internal and external environment in a way that increases the likelihood of romance and intimacy. I have to admit, I have reservations (and questions) about this study and its validity; but, it does make a good point. You can deepen intimacy and heighten romance in your marriage by intentionally taking care of yourself and “looking your best” for your spouse. Taking care of your self—dabbing on some make-up, enjoying a small treat, putting on nice clothes, exercise—enhances feelings of confidence and competence. It makes us feel better about ourselves and we express that confidence in our actions and our interactions. Even more, when we take care of ourselves for our partner—putting on clothes to look nice for them, looking our best with them in mind—we also express how much we value them and their attention.  Let’s face it…that is romantic!  We find it romantic when our spouse thinks about our desires and our ideas. So, if you want to deepen intimacy with your spouse, take care of yourself. If you want to heighten the romance, take care of yourself with the tastes of your spouse in mind. And, most important, enjoy the romance.

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    This is interesting. I will share this.

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