5 Ways to Guard the Honor of Your Spouse & Children

The current of our society has become more casual, relaxed, and informal. Sometimes, this casualness manifests itself in a lack of politeness. The current grows stronger as our sense of familiarity empties into the pool of forward and presumptuous behavior. We wash over the levies of social limits with insolence and rude interactions. The current of society floods into our families as we dishonor family members by making smart remarks or brash statements, privately or in the company of others. In the midst of this flood of casual impoliteness, we have lost sight of our duty to guard one another’s honor. When we leave the honor of family members unguarded, our spouse becomes vulnerable to disrespect; our children to humiliation; and our parents to disgrace. As a family, we need to stop the flood waters of dishonor from coming into our homes. We need to guard one another’s honor. How do we guard each family member’s honor? Here are five ways I have thought of.
     ·         Remember your place. It is so easy to get caught up in my own life…my worries, my needs, my schedule, my…my…my…. However, when it comes to family (as in life), it’s not all about “me.” We all have an Authority over us; and, the best authorities are those who humble themselves to serve. In other words, we are not our own. We belong to our family and our family belongs to us. Our place is in the midst of that family, meeting the needs of other family members. In fact, family is one of the true training grounds for selfless humility and submission…for each one of us. So, guard the honor of family members by encouraging them. Lift them up. Serve one another and keep one another in mind. Guard one another’s honor by remembering your place in the family and under God.
     ·         Respect one another. I have always found it interesting that I more easily become rude, disrespectful and angry at family (those people I love the most) than anyone else. If you find yourself in the same predicament, do what I have to do: remind yourself to treat family members with the same respect and care that you show toward the guests you invite into your home. Be polite. Say thank you and please. Open a door to let the other person go through first. In other words, guard the honor of your family members by treating them with the utmost respect.
     ·         Correct with love. Everyone makes mistakes. We all to learn and grow. Correction and discipline help us grow. To guard one another’s honor, we discipline in love. Speak the truth in love. Correct in love. Make sure your family knows that you love them, even when you discipline them. When we discipline in love, we guard honor. There is no name-calling, no threats, no harsh criticism, and no abuse. Instead, discipline done in love involves teaching and instructing…even if it is firm, intense, very serious, and even loud. We guard one another’s honor by holding up a higher standard for behavior and insisting on that standard for the love of family. We honor one another with loving correction.
     ·         Support one another. Life is hard…at any age. From fearing the boogie man or the monster in the closet…to learning how to assess a person who I might want to date…to determining my career…to raising a child…to finding my place in the world as an aging retiree, life is hard. Throughout these hardships, we need support from loved ones. In fact, we guard one another’s honor when we support one another in decision making, in navigating life’s struggles, in times of hardship, and in celebration of successes. Guard your family honor by offering consistent, loving support.
     ·         Pray for one another. I look back on my life and realize how often God has protected me and blessed me. And, I begin to realize how much of His blessing has come in response to the prayers that family members and friends have made for me. Honor your family members by praying for them. Pray for them in silence. Pray for them audibly. Let your family hear you pray for them. Pray for their health, their wisdom, their future spouses, their hopes and dreams, their…everything. In praying for your spouse and children you guard their honor and call on God to guard their honor as well!
That is only 5 ways to guard the honor of your spouse and children. What are some things you have done to guard the honor of your spouse and children? Write them in the comment section below or on FACEBOOK.

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