Rare & Elusive Family Words of Honor

There are some things you just don’t hear in the sacred walls of home…even though they would really show great honor to other family members. I thought I’d list a few of those rare and elusive phrases today. You rarely hear these statements in a family, but wouldn’t it be great…?
“No fair, I got the bigger (last, best) piece of pie.”
“No fair, you let me sit in the best seat in the house.”
“No, please let me empty the kitty litter for you.”
“No problem, I’ll watch your TV program instead of mine this time.”
“Why don’t you rest tonight? I’ll make dinner.”
“Let’s be really quiet; your sister (mother, brother, father) is studying (or resting).”
“I can’t wait to help you with the laundry this week.”
“Never mind the allowance, Mom. I’m just happy to do my part in helping make our home a happy place.”
“Mom, you look tired. What could I do for you around the house to make your day easier?”
“Thanks for giving me time out for talking back. I really learn so much when you discipline me. Thank you so much.”
“We got 4th (5th, 6th, last) place but we worked hard, so let’s go celebrate!”
“You can hold the remote tonight dear.”
And a few from my daughters:
“That’s OK, have as much dessert as you like.”
“Why don’t you rest before doing your chores.”
“No chores for you today; I’m going to do them all for you.”
“That’s OK, you can stay in the basement and practice piano, we’ll go upstairs.”
“I look forward to meeting that nice young man you’re dating.” (OK, now my daughter is pushing her limits!)
What are some phrases you would like to hear in your home…phrases that expresses honor and grace but are rarely heard?

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