Keep Your Mother Off Your Back

Have you ever wanted to get your mother off your back and get more of what you want? Well, here’s a simple 3-step plan.

First, do what’s expected. I mean do the bare minimum.  We all have a responsibility in making our household a good place to live, a happy place to hang. So, do what’s expected of you in keeping the house running smooth. If you don’t know what to do around the house, ask. “What do I need to do to keep our house a happy place?” Have your mother sit down before asking—just in case she faints.

Second, do just a little bit more than expected. I know this sounds like a sale’s pitch, but wait…when you do just a little bit more, you earn “brownie points.” That’s right, you gain bargaining power. When you do just a little bit more than expected, your mother will smile and feel pride. And, you will have a better chance at getting what you want.

Third, remember that honey tastes better than vinegar. Parents get vinegar all the time—whining, complaining, arguing, ignoring. If you really want to keep your parents off your back, give them some honey. Thank them for the work they do around the house. Thank them for the things they do for you—like washing clothes and cooking supper. Tell them how good supper tastes. Do something nice for your parents—draw them a picture or make them a card. Start up a conversation with them. Here is a little formula to remember—it takes five tastes of honey to outweigh one taste of vinegar. So, pour on the honey.

Finally, use your bargaining power. When you do what’s expected, you keep your parents off your back. When you do just a little bit more than expected and pour on the honey, you’ve gained bargaining power. You’ve worked to build trust. Now you can ask for that special favor. Stay on this 3-step plan and you’ll be surprised at how nice your mother becomes.

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