“Steak” Your Claim on Family Dinner

Have you seen the advertisement for the “Delmio Pepper Hacker”? I want to purchase one. Watch the 2-minute video advertisement and see if you might like one for your family as well.

You know, you can reclaim dinner time without the Delmio Pepper Hacker. You can establish dinner time as a tech-free time—no technology at the table or in the dining room. Make dinner time a family time, a time to focus on family conversation and interaction.

Beware. As you begin the process you may encounter some kick back. You may have noticed the initial reaction of going technology free in the video was not a happy scene. “Tablets and tantrums were thrown.” People got upset. They experienced withdrawal. They grew angry. They felt as though something was lost. We need to remember this crucial aspect in the process of reclaiming dinner from the oppression of technology. The initial reaction may not be one of immediate joy. In fact, it may be just the opposite. Stick to your guns. Pursue a technology free dinner table. After all, in spite of the initial negative reaction, “the world did not end!” Families soon came together at the table and began to interact. They learned to connect with one another. They began to have fun together. They talked. They laughed. They probably ate better and digested their food better as well. Why? Because “family dinner time was reclaimed;” and, “when families disconnect [from technology], they connect [with one another]!”

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