A Superhero’s Gadget For Your Family

Did you ever notice that superheroes have the greatest gadgets? Think about it: Thor has a Hammer; Wonder Woman the Golden Lasso; Captain America his Shield; Spiderman the web shooter; Batman has too many gadgets to mention (whatever you need in any situation, including his “Batarang”); Ghost Rider has an enchanted chain; Green Lantern his power ring; the Dare Devil a billy club; and of course, Iron Man created his suit. Thinking about all the superhero gadgets got me thinking…. My family, every family, needs a super hero weapon to protect and defend against the enemies of intimacy, to pull out the truth and defeat the forces that divide to conquer. Well, after a diligent and thorough search through the galaxies (well maybe just my office) I have found the perfect weapon…one worthy of true superheroes. This weapon can right wrongs and bring the truth to light. It can defend against the enemies of intimacy and defeat our nemesis, “emotional distance.” What is this super gadget/weapon? The Sticky Note! That’s right…the sticky note is the family’s superhero gadget. Think about the power of a sticky note:
  • When you have accidentally hurt a family member’s feelings, you can write a note that says, “I’m sorry” and put it where they will see it. Of course, speaking to them and apologizing in person is still necessary, but the sticky note serves as a good follow up to really make the apology “stick” and help right the wrong done.
  • When you have to leave for work before your family awakens, bring the truth of your feelings to light by leaving a few sticky notes that say, “I love you” around the house.
  • Hide a sticky note that reads, “I miss you” when you have to be away from your family for a business trip. You might also write, “I love you,” “Have fun today,” “Just saying hi…” whatever creative expression of admiration, affirmation, or encouragement you can imagine. Hide these dynamic notes in various places so your family will find them and feel a surge of powerful love from you during your time away.
  • When your children are preparing for day camp or overnight camp, hide a few sticky notes that they will find during their time away. Leave messages like, “Have a wonderful day” or “I’m thinking about you.” Use any messages that will encourage or express the joy you feel because they are your children. (Do the same for your spouse as they leave for work.)
  • When you know a family member is feeling discouraged, put a sticky note someplace where they will find it and write, “I’m proud of you” or “I am glad you are in my life.” The power of an encouraging word will boost their mood and strengthen their resolve.
You get the idea. The sticky note can be used to pass on written words of apology, affirmation, adoration, encouragement, and love. Those words, written on the sticky note, have the power to encourage, excite, lift moods, reassure, energize, inspire, comfort, motivate, and strengthen each member of your family as well as your family as a whole. You can hand the sticky note directly to your family or use its “super sticky power” to attach it to some surface where they will find it as they go about their day. I guarantee that this family super gadget (the sticky note) will have enough super power to bring a smile to each family member’s face! 

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