Celebrate Marriage With A Song…A Fruity Love Song

Last summer I saw a sign at Rita’s Ice (a local Italian Ice shop) that said something about a “honeydew” list that included “cantaloupe.” Like anyone else seeing that sign, I thought “I want to write a love poem to my wife that includes fruit.” So, I began to write a love poem to my “Star Fruit Lover” (my wife, of course). My daughter joined in on the brainstorming and soon we had a song of deep romantic sentiment to share with my wife. At family camp, one of my daughters put the poem to music…and, since my wife and I celebrate our anniversary this week, I wanted to share the song with you, just click on the picture below. My wife truly is “My Star Fruit Lover.” I’m not really sure that is something she wants advertised, but she does deserve a “fruity love song” for putting up with me. I hope you enjoy it (just click on the picture below)…but don’t let the expression of deep romantic sentiment get you all teary-eyed. (PS-I know it’s all a little “corny”…wait, that’s a vegetable.) Anyway, I wrote the lyrics at the bottom of the picture for your reading enjoyment.

A Fruity Love Song
(For My Star Fruit Lover)
Honeydew I love you?
Yes, you know I do.
But we cantaloupe dear
Though it makes me berry blue…
Berry, berry blue.
You’re the apple of my eye love
And I’m your peachy guy.
Orange we beyond compare
Together making quite a pear.
Singing…Banana, Banana, Banana, Banana, Ba…na…na.
I can’t pomegranate
But Kiwi just hold hands
Cuz you’re so grape to me, dear
I’m a cherry lucky man!
Singing…Banana, Banana, Banana, Banana, Ba…na…na.

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