6 Ways to Celebrate Back to School

My daughters are back to school today…woohoo! Well, my daughters are not celebrating the return to school. They rejoice to see friends but moan about the return of homework. Me, I take any and every opportunity I can to celebrate…and my children returning so school is reason enough! So, what can a family do to celebrate the return to school? Here are 6 simple ideas to get you started.

1.      Pack a special note for your child in their backpack or lunch. Write an encouraging note on an index card and attach a piece of candy to the back–call it a “candy gram.” Or, sneak a funny card into their backpack. If your child does not like to find notes or cards during school, give them a card before they leave for school. Pick the card thoughtfully, make it one that will make them smile and express how proud you are of them.

2.      You can also get your children a little “trinket” to make the first day of school. For instance, they might enjoy a key chain that they can attach to their backpack or, if they are old enough for a cell phone, a charm to attach to it. Make it something fun…something that sparks their interests…something that will make them smile and think of home.

3.      Before your children leave for their first day of school, take a few pictures. I know my daughters moan about this somewhat; but we love to document the transition to each new year, noting how our children and our family grows and changes over time. So, take a picture or two. Let your children model their new clothes, backpacks, and hairdo’s. Take serious pictures, funny pictures, and family pictures. Take enough pictures to document the successful transition to a new school year.

4.      After your children leave for their first day of school, have a brunch with your spouse or a group of other parents. This will give you and your spouse some time to relax together, enjoy adult conversation, reflect over the summer months, and plan your schedule for the early part of the school year. Even more, it will give you and your spouse time to enjoy one another’s company.

5.      Make the evening after the first day of school a special treat. Plan a meal that includes your children’s favorite dishes. You may also want to watch a family movie or play a family game. Do something as a family to celebrate that family remains, even though school begins. If you are not sure what activity your children might enjoy the most, ask them…and then work to prepare for that activity.

6.      One more thing it important as our children return to school…pray for them. Pray for them as they go to school, while they are in school, and even after school. Bathe them in prayer for safety, wisdom, humility, and fun.
Six simple ways to celebrate your children starting a new school year, have fun, and watch them grow.

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