Memorial Day & Family

As I grow older, I come to appreciate Memorial Day more. It has always marked the start of summer–pools opening, cooking outside on the grill, having a picnic. However, it has gained greater meaning in regards to the sacrifices made to secure our freedom. It has become a holiday of honor and respect for those who have given their time, energy, and even life for our country and our family. It brings to mind men and women that I have met who have given time and energy away from their family to secure our freedom to spend time with family. Click to watch Memorial Day Tribute. Spend today with your family. Celebrate the joy and freedom we share. Take time to honor those who sacrificed so much to make it all possible. “The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children” (William Havard). So, enjoy your family, spend time with them…the opportunity to do so is a freedom to cherish.

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