Honor Your Spouse, Nurture Your Marriage

Rose quartz heartThe quality of your marriage lays the foundation for the quality of your life and family.  When you have a healthy marriage, your whole family will reap the benefits of intimacy, joy, and celebration. Honor is an essential ingredient to creating that healthy marriage. Unfortunately, our society does not promote honor in marriage. Instead, society encourages us to watch out for number one. It tells us we must earn love and affection. Both of these statements represent lies that can crush your marriage and devastate your family life.

HONOR YOUR SPOUSE, NURTURE YOUR MARRIAGE is designed to counter these lies and give you practical tools to increase marital intimacy through the wise use of the Family Bank of Honor. You will learn to strengthen your marriage with at least four types of deposits you can make into the Family Bank of Honor every day!

HONOR YOUR SPOUSE, NURTURE YOUR MARRIAGE will provide you with the necessary skills to enjoy a long and healthy marriage built on honor. The skills and lessons taught in this class will strengthen your marriage even in the midst the transitions and changes that naturally occur over a lifetime…if you practice them! This workshop will also provide you with practical skills and tools to “keep that spark” alive throughout the life of your marriage!

Family by God's DesignHONOR YOUR SPOUSE, NURTURE YOUR MARRIAGE will includes the following topics:

  • Diamonds and Coal: Honor and dishonor impact our marriage in different ways. In Part One of this workshop we will explore the impact of honor and dishonor on our marriages. In addition, one way to express honor in marriage is to become a person of honor. So, we will review how we can become a person of honor.
  • The Family Bank of Honor: The Family Bank of Honor offers an excellent model to follow in building a marriage of honor. We will discuss the Biblical basis of the Family Bank of Honor and two principles of effective banking.
  • One Honor Deposit Currency: A person needs to know the currency of honor to effectively use the Family Bank of Honor. In the first workshop we will explore one powerful deposit you can make into the Family Bank of Honor on a daily basis. In Part 2 of this workshop we will explore at least three more powerful deposits you can make into the Family Bank of Honor on a daily basis to strengthen your marriage.

Each session will include instruction as well as time for you and your spouse to explore ways to make practical application of the ideas presented.

This workshop is scheduled in two parts:

  • Part One is Sunday, October 1, 2017, 6 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Part Two is Sunday, October 8, 2017, 6 pm to 7:15
  • Participants can attend either session individually or both sessions for additional information.

Location: The Squirrel Hill Christian Church located at 209 Bigelow Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

The price for each part of this workshop is less than the price of tickets with your spouse for the movies:

  • Part One, $15 per couple
  • Part Two, $15 per couple
  • For both Part One and Part Two, $30

Price includes:

  • A workbook following the teaching material. The workbook will include discussion questions to aid you and your spouse in further discussing the teaching material.
  • Related handouts.

You can preregister by contacting us.  

You can also register at the door prior to the 6 pm start time. Thank you.